Sunday, 27 February 2011

Youtube Videos


For this update I thought I’d share some of my favourite photo montage videos that I’ve created over the past few years on youtube.

This is basically the crunched down collection of photos from the 3 months I spent volunteering in East Africa in 2009. With over 8000 photos from the trip, these are the ones that stick out for me.


Just a few months ago in Oct 2011, the town of Boyle lost a very special lady, Betty Meyler, who lost her battle with Cancer. She was a very close family friend as well as a neighbour. This was my tribute to Betty from all of us who had the honour of knowing her. R.I.P

This is a short collection from my 4th trip to the holy land of Las Vegas. People ask me why do I like it so much. Well if you love poker, blistering heat and endless amounts of crazy things to do then you’d fully understand the attraction Vegas holds for me.

This was a Stag weekend in Newcastle, that I’d arranged as best man for my mate Darren Suffin 2 years ago. Quality of photos isn’t the best as I only had a pocket camera, very shaky hands and a mouth full of vodka!

This video shows all the places we visited from Feb 2008 – April 2009 and the idea came from the well known youtube video “Where the hell is Matt” -

I used free software on the internet to make this little poker sketch about poker in Boyle.

A short collection of photos I took of Beirnie Murphy and her daughter Kayla back in 2008.

As I was always interested in the Holocaust, I got to visit Auschwitz in Poland on two separate occasions in 2008. This is a look at the first visit.

Prior to visiting Auschwitz, I visited Sachsensausen concentration camp located about an hour outside of Berlin. This was my first time seeing a death camp and personally for me had a bigger impact than Auschwitz did, even though Auschwitz was the grand daddy of them all.

A look at a Christmas morning, through the eyes of my lovely God daughter Porcia!

A few photos I took of my sister Claudia, on the day of her debs a few years ago.



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